Better Days

A Crisis + Feeling Anxious

We are all feeling stress and anxiety during this time. How do we process our anxiety in this moment? In this episode, I talk about anxiety, why we are feeling it, what God thinks about human anxieties, and practical tips to process anxiety in a…
Wesley Towne
May 15, 2020
Better Days

Juli Wilson + Christian Wilson: Anthem of Hope

Jarid Wilson was a voice of hope in Christianity to so many people walking through Mental Health conditions. He shared openly about his own person struggles with anxiety and depression. In September of 2019, Jarid passed away by suicide. In this episode, Juli Wilson and…
Wesley Towne
March 17, 2020
Better Days

My Story: Leading while Suffering, 01

How do you lead people while you are suffering? After living through long term suffering, my wife and I learned a lot about navigating this complex reality. In this episode, I share practical lessons to help you navigate personal or family suffering while leading.
Wesley Towne
March 1, 2020

Aftershow Interview – Christian Traina

Aaron Salvato sits down with Christian Traina to ask him about his life, former atheism, and how to reach people struggling with atheism, depression, and suicidal thoughts. --LINK IN THE BIO!-- In our last episode, Christian shared his story of darkness, depression, and suicide, and…
Aaron Salvato
March 14, 2019