Leading a Local Church into 2024
the STOKE IT UP podcastJanuary 16, 2024x
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Leading a Local Church into 2024

Welcome to the Stoke it up! podcast. A podcast encouraging you and your journey with God. I’m Alan Stoddard and I am your Stoke Coast. Today we have Pastor Josh Black with us. Josh is the lead pastor of Victory Calvary Chapel in Menifee California.

I met Josh at the Expositors Collective in Temecula California last August. We just happened to run into each other in the latte line. I jumped ahead of them kind of so I thought, “You should buy his latte.“ And the rest is history. He preached part of the Expositors' experience. He did the talk on Christ Center preaching and I was enamored with it. I knew I loved this dude.

Well, the next day, I got to teach the Bible at his church. And I noticed something unique about this church. It was very stoked. 

Let’s jump in and get some questions going and see what it might look like to lead a normal, but vibrant local church into 2024. As you listen, let’s listen to increase our leadership skillset.