Jesus Revolution, Calvary Chapel, and Poimen Ministries
the STOKE IT UP podcastMarch 28, 2023x
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Jesus Revolution, Calvary Chapel, and Poimen Ministries

On today’s podcast I interview Bill Holdridge. He became a Christian in 1969 at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa during the Jesus Movement. In this episode he tells part of that story in his story; his story is unique. 

Bill has been in Pastor for many years. You can see that and more in his bio on his ministry website. 

If you haven’t seen the movie, Jesus Revolution, I highly recommend you see it. It will inspire you as to what the possibilities are for the future of the church in our time. 

No matter how difficult a culture may be toward the gospel, God is always able to bring revival to a church and spiritual awakening to a community. We want to live on that life-giving edge. 

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