Is Evangelism Dead? with Tyler Jones
the STOKE IT UP podcastMay 31, 2023x
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Is Evangelism Dead? with Tyler Jones

Welcome to the STOKE IT UP podcast. A podcast, encouraging you in your journey with God. One of the things the Lord wants us all to do is to shine light into the darkness. And it’s something we want to do. Yet it can be a real challenge at times.
Do you struggle with evangelism? Does the word itself just cause you to cringe?
In this week's podcast I interview Pastor Tyler Jones. He is the pastor of Evangelism and Outreach at Stonewater Church in Granbury, Texas.
He’s a leader, who is actually doing Evangelism the streets. Listen in and discover some unique things about overcoming the fear of evangelism. Also, listening to realize there are some real ways to connect with people that are not as intimidating as we think.