How do we make disciples like Jesus did? with Dr. Lloyd C. Blue
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How do we make disciples like Jesus did? with Dr. Lloyd C. Blue

Welcome to the Stoke It Up! podcast. A podcast encouraging you in your journey with God. 2 Timothy 1:6 says “… kindle refresh the gift of God in you… “

In this season we have focused on evangelism and disciple making. These two are not separate. They go together.

And this is the commission that our Savior gave us. A mentor of mine said, “the church has one purpose: the great commission.”

Well we happen to have my spiritual father, mentor, disciple maker, on the podcast today. Dr. Lloyd C. Blue joins us on the Stoke It Up! podcast. Dr. Blue is a legend. He would never say that about himself but I will say it. He has earned degrees in Bible and ministry. He is a Cru alumni. He served with the great Dr. EV Hill in Southern California. He has mentored some of the greats in church history. He has served in ministry with Dr. EK Bailey. He served in partnership with Dr. AL Patterson. There is more but let’s welcome Dr. Blue to the STOKE IT UP podcast and see what he has to say to us that can encourage us in our disciple making ventures.


Only one and 10 newer younger believers are discipled after they are saved and baptized.

Entities like Cru and Navigators, College Ministries, are usually on the front end of disciple making.

We must turn around our present church cultures so that we actually make disciples of new or younger believers early in their journey with God.

The content for newer younger believer follow up: 

  1. Confidence in your relationship with God.
  2. Experiencing the love and forgiveness of God.
  3. Being filled with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Walking with God in the Spirit.

Dr. Blue's 120 Commands