Equipping Evangelism & Disciple Making
the STOKE IT UP podcastMay 09, 2022x
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Equipping Evangelism & Disciple Making

Dr. Kenneth Priest has the learning and the burning to equip churches to get revitalized and stay that way.  

In this episode we deal with the final two things we believe are crucial to revitalized churches who are healthy and stay healthy.

How do we equip (Eph 4:11-12) for evangelism and disciple making? We give a few ideas here.  
Kenneth presently serves as the transitional pastor of Valley Isle Church in Wailuku, Hawaii.

He is a graduate of Southwestern and Midwestern Seminaries. He has 20 plus years of ministry experience.     
Mostly, he cares about people apart from Jesus Christ and how the local church reaches these people.     
Follow  and connect with Kenneth on Twitter @kwpriest

This is the equipping content we mentioned in the episode. Write out your outline. Use words or at the most phrases that describe your life at these stages.
It is easier, and clearer if you do it this way. Once you have the outline, you will be able to then write out Your Story. Keep it to one page, 3 minutes. 

Your Story Outline

Your Story -> write it out!


1. What’s your story before Jesus?

3 things describe your life before Christ?




2. What’s your story of how you came to know Jesus?

What are three words you could use to describe how you came to know Jesus personally?



-> The gospel would go here. I use Eph 2:8-9, 1 Cor. 15:3-4, Mark 1:15.

3. What’s your story since Jesus changed your life?

3 things describe your life after Christ?




7 non-negotiables for church revitalization and continual renewal

1) Culture of prayer

2) Expectancy of God to move

3) Worship geared for evangelism

4) Follow-up strategy for all church activities; worship & events

5) Community outreach

6) Congregation equipped for evangelism

7) Congregation equipped for NT disciple making

and as I thought of this which would be another topic, we should have included expository preaching in the list. It could be added in #1 prayer, from the Acts 6:4 kind of thinking.