Does Spiritual Formation Begin with Preaching?
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Does Spiritual Formation Begin with Preaching?

Spiritual Formation Begins in the Pulpit

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In this conversation, Alan Stoddard and Kenneth Priest discuss the role of preaching in spiritual formation. They explore the idea that disciple-making begins in the pulpit and emphasize the importance of preaching that is text-driven and focused on the Word of God. They also discuss the fruit of effective preaching, such as people bringing their Bibles and actively engaging with the text. The conversation highlights the need for pastors to prioritize character and the importance of ongoing spiritual formation in the life of the church.


  • Disciple-making begins in the pulpit, with the pastor setting the stage for spiritual formation in the church.
  • Text-driven preaching, focused on the Word of God, is effective in spiritual formation.
  • Preaching that encourages people to bring their Bibles and actively engage with the text is important for spiritual growth.
  • The fruit of effective preaching includes people bringing their Bibles, actively engaging with the Word, and experiencing spiritual formation.
  • Prayer and taking notes during sermons can enhance the impact of preaching on spiritual formation.


Introduction and Setting the Stage


Disciple Making Begins in the Pulpit


The Importance of Text-Driven Preaching


Preaching that Drives People to Their Bibles


Enhancing the Impact of Preaching: Prayer and Note-Taking