Prioritizing New Believer Follow-Up
the STOKE IT UP podcastJune 24, 2024x
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Prioritizing New Believer Follow-Up


In this conversation, Alan Stoddard and Kenneth Priest discuss the lack of discipleship for new believers in churches. They highlight the need for a strategy and intentionality in discipling new believers, as well as the importance of relationship and experiential learning. Alan shares his journey of realizing the need for a strategy and developing a disciple-making evangelism approach. They emphasize the importance of equipping new believers to disciple others and the need for pastors and churches to prioritize new believer follow-up. They also discuss the upcoming release of Alan's book on New Believer Discipleship.


  • Many churches lack a strategy for discipling new believers, resulting in a low percentage of new believers being discipled.
  • The traditional classroom model is not sufficient for new believer discipleship, as it lacks relational and experiential components.
  • A strategy for new believer discipleship should focus on relationship, intentionality, and reproducibility.
  • Pastors and churches need to prioritize new believer follow-up and develop a plan to disciple new believers.
  • Alan Stoddard has developed a disciple-making evangelism strategy and has written a book on New Believer Discipleship.