Can traditional churches become life giving churches?
the STOKE IT UP podcastJune 07, 2023x
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Can traditional churches become life giving churches?

Is it possible for a traditional churches to become life-giving Churches?

And what about those Independent Baptists? Are they not the ones where women wear dresses, men wear suits, and have a lot of rules at church? Whatever happened to those guys? 

In this week’s podcast I interview Pastor Lonnie Lehrman. Lonnie has been the pastor at Granbury Baptist Church in Granbury Texas for 21 years. He is a graduate of the Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, we’re now he is the chairman of trustees.

Pastor Lonnie not only serves as the pastor at GBC but also leads E3 church planting network. The network has started to all churches in Texas in the surrounding area of the globe and desires to plant 100 churches.