Can the gospel save a muslim? The Gospel of Elijah Abraham
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Can the gospel save a muslim? The Gospel of Elijah Abraham

Elijah Abraham, Executive Director (

Elijah was born in the Middle East and grew up as a Muslim. He fled the Middle East as a teenager and lived in Europe for several years. Due to persecution in Europe and its spies, Elijah fled to the United States in mid-1980s

Subsequently, he obtained a degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Since the Twin Towers and Pentagon terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, he has been educating his audiences in churches and civic groups on Islam and the Islamist threat.

Elijah believes that Islam in the U.S. has mutated into a Westernized religion that is aggressively and successfully converting Americans to its beliefs.

“ I am compelled by the Lord to expose Islam as a religion/ideology that embraces an antichrist spirit. As Christians, we must look at Islam as an aggressive ideology, but we must also look at the Muslims within Islam as our mission field.”

He is helping evangelical congregations participate in God’s work around the world by encouraging them to be proactive in missions. Elijah has trained missionaries from the International Mission Board of the SBC and other organizations. His experience has taken him around the world to train and implement missions on five continents. Elijah appeared on national radio (Janet Parshall’s America, Today’s Issues with AFR Radio, Paul Revere Radio, Live the Word with John Neider on KDKR Dallas, and Stand up for the Truth with Mike LeMay on Q90FM Green Bay).

Political party organizations, conservative PACS, Veterans’ groups, and American/international businesses are also seeking Elijah’s expertise and knowledge of the Islamic threat in the West. He has served two non-profit organizations over a period of seven years. He also served as a mission pastor at a local Baptist church for three years.