An Interview with Mike Neglia (Expositor's Collective)
the STOKE IT UP podcastNovember 21, 2023x
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An Interview with Mike Neglia (Expositor's Collective)

Welcome to the Stoke it up! podcast. A podcast, encouraging you and your journey with God. 

I’m Alan Stoddard and in this episode I interview Pastor Mike Neglia. He is the pastor of ⁠Calvary Cork⁠, Ireland. He is also the leader of the ⁠Expositors Collective⁠, an initiative of the ⁠Calvary Global Network⁠.

In this interview, I talked to Mike about what he’s learned about podcasting and preaching. And how the Expositors Collective podcast interacts with the Expositors Collective weekend. If you have not experienced an EC weekend with us, pray about it. Keep your calendar open and come be a part. It is the best experience you can get for the price and content.