90 days in class (life lessons of Alan)
the STOKE IT UP podcastJuly 14, 2022x
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90 days in class (life lessons of Alan)

90 days in class

  • Is my identity as a disciple and not just as a pastor
  • Ministry addictions
  • Ministry motives
  • Leaving a vibrant ministry is tough
  • Starting something new is exciting
  • God is doing more than my camp does
  • Family is worth it
  • New is good, but can be so hard
  • Old relationships sometimes bring fruit later in the new
  • How to do ministry while being still
  • Draw faith in God from obeying what He spoke, even when it’s not going as you planned
  • Learning from what you got wrong or did not get done
  • Past relationships are not always a thing, not because the relationships were bad, people simply move on like everyone does.