Partnering With the Spirit to Bring Out What the Text Is Really Saying
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Partnering With the Spirit to Bring Out What the Text Is Really Saying

Sam McCabe, a singer-songwriter and worship leader from Houston, Texas, speaks with Mike about quarterly preaching, and the pitfalls and opportunities that are available to those who preach messages and then wait three months until the next time! He speaks about the dangers of being over-prepared, and the opportunities to meditatively think through a passage and its implications in the long gestation period leading up to a teaching. Sam also talks about the relationship between the teaching of the Word and the worship of the church - which one prepares for the other? Additionally there is some very practical advice on how late in the week a preaching pastor should suggest songs to the worship team! 

Sam endeavors to craft songs that resonate with the depth and complexity of real life. From moments of profound joy to the depths of grief, from the peaks of hope to the valleys of loss, Sam's music explores the entirety of the human experience, intertwining themes of sanctification, doubt, and unwavering faith.

His artistic journey surged forward with the release of his 2020 single "I Want To Serve God," marking the beginning of a prolific career. Subsequent singles, such as "Christ Be In My Heart" featuring the acclaimed Kristene DiMarco from Bethel Music, and "Jesus Loves the World" featuring Leeland, further solidified his presence in the music scene. Sam's albums, "Altar Fire I" and "Altar Fire II," delve into the transformative journey of following Jesus, offering listeners a soul-stirring exploration of faith and spiritual growth.

Adding to his impressive repertoire, Sam is set to unveil his highly anticipated full-length live worship album, "The Death of Death," in early September of this year. Boasting collaborations with renowned artists including Pat Barrett, Leeland, Andy Squyres, and his own wife, Samantha McCabe.

Sam's influence extends beyond his solo projects, with notable cuts alongside artists such as Bethel Music, Maverick City, Brandon Lake, Chris Tomlin, and David Leonard.

You can listen to Sam McCabe on Spotify: 

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