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Burnout + Leading

Burnout is an epidemic in our culture. Leaders are facing symptoms of burnout, and wondering how to navigate a path out of this overwhelming and exhausting state. In this episode, I talk about my story of burnout, explain what burnout is, and give a pathway…
Wesley Towne
January 17, 2020
Better Days

How to Support Suffering Leaders

How can we support leaders when they are suffering? In this episode, I talk about false expectations around leaders who suffer, paint a picture of the pressures they face while suffering, and give twelve ways that you can support a leader who is suffering.
Wesley Towne
December 18, 2019
Better Days

John Mark Comer: Hurry, Stress + Leading

When we look at successful leaders, we often view their life through the lens of idealism. We think that they have everything figured out, which is never the case. In this episode, John Mark Comer joins me to talk about leading a mega-church, facing mental…
Wesley Towne
November 26, 2019
Better Days

Shame, Suffering + Leading

Leadership is hard. It comes with unique complexities. Sometimes we forget that we are human as we experience the weight of stress, anxiety, depression, and suffering. In this episode, I discuss the common struggles leaders face around Mental Health + Suffering, and the shame we…
Wesley Towne
November 14, 2019

#3 – Dan Braga

Pastor Dan Braga shares his testimony: the story of a young man who felt like an outcast. Dan struggled with addiction and substance abuse, but through His darkness, Jesus kept gently drawing him to the light! - - - - - - LINK IN THE…
Aaron Salvato
March 28, 2019