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Better Days

Don’t Lose Yourself in Suffering

Suffering and pain have a way of overshadowing essential parts of being human. We have a tendency to withdraw, isolate and lose our self-worth during seasons of suffering. It is easy to get so enveloped in our pain that we forget that we are still…
Wesley Towne
December 4, 2020
Better Days

Christa Armstead: The Pain of Racism

In Season 5, we are opening up a conversations to learn about the Pain of Racism. In Episode 3, Christa Armstead shares her story--her pain, not wanting to live, the mental and emotional toll of racism, and her hope for change. Visit to support…
Wesley Towne
September 4, 2020
Better Days

Juli Wilson + Christian Wilson: Anthem of Hope

Jarid Wilson was a voice of hope in Christianity to so many people walking through Mental Health conditions. He shared openly about his own person struggles with anxiety and depression. In September of 2019, Jarid passed away by suicide. In this episode, Juli Wilson and…
Wesley Towne
March 17, 2020
GoodLion Picks

Where the Gospel Meets Burnout

We want to share with you this awesome episode from the Love Thy Neighborhood Podcast, an incredible show that looks at what happens when the Gospel meets some of the hardest places in our culture. In this episode: Christians believe faith without works is dead,…
Good Lion Team
March 11, 2020
Better Days

My Story: Leading while Suffering, 02

How do you keep moving forward as a human and leader when you feel weary and numb inside? In this episode, I share my experience of coming to a point of feeling numb inside after years of suffering, and practical lessons I learned along the…
Wesley Towne
March 4, 2020