Precision in the Pulpit: A Labor of Love with Paul Mowery
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Precision in the Pulpit: A Labor of Love with Paul Mowery

Paul Mowery's early years of Christian ministry were plagued by toxicity and leadership dysfunction, and so he has put deliberate work into creating ecosystems of accountability, spiritual health and plural leadership. He talks with Mike about some of the weaknesses that are inherent with the so-called "Moses Model" of pastoral leadership, as well as the importance of precision in sermon delivery. It is always worth putting work into finding a clearer and shorter way to express something!  “If we say too much in a single sermon, we may give a field of wheat instead of a loaf of bread.” - Charles Spurgeon." 

Paul will be a panelist at  our next in-person Training Weekend for men and women of all ages at The Creek Church in Indianapolis, Indiana!

In this interactive seminar, attendees will learn from experienced practitioners from the stage and meet in groups and build ongoing relationships with coaches and mentors who want to help you grow in your personal study and public proclamation of God's Word.

The Creek Church

Indianapolis, Indiana

October 27-28, 2023

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