How to Improve as a Preacher Over Time (with Brandon Hilgemaan)
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How to Improve as a Preacher Over Time (with Brandon Hilgemaan)

Brandon Hilgemaan has learned the power of slow, steady incremental growth as a preacher through intentionally highlighting areas for improvement. Through self assessment (and some feedback from his wife) he has removed some bad habits and added some healthy practices in his personal study and public proclamation of God's Word. He has found that pastors make the mistake of trying to get better in every area of their preaching all at once. But trying to fix everything barely fixes anything.

Brandon Hilgemann is a pastor in Tempe, Arizona, and the founder of, a popular online resource dedicated to helping pastors preach better. He has served in ministry for over 15 years in churches of all sizes around the country. Brandon is the author of Preaching Nuts & Bolts, and Preach and Deliver. He is also a graduate of Phoenix Seminary and Grand Canyon University. He and his wife have been married for over 17 years and have two kids and a dog.

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