How to Discover the Author's Intended Meaning with John Whittaker
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How to Discover the Author's Intended Meaning with John Whittaker

John Whittaker teaches a workshop in Temecula California on how the inductive Bible Study method helps to discover the divine and human author's meaning of a text.

John Whittaker is a preacher, teacher and pastor. He holds theology and ministry degrees from Boise Bible College, Cincinnati Bible Seminary, and a doctorate in preaching from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - the only reason for all of that is to help bring God's word into the lives of people more effectively. John has been serving in ministry for 30 years. He has served as a Professor of Preaching and New Testament at Boise Bible College for 19 years. During that time, he also helped plant a church in Kuna, Idaho, where he led the adult education ministry and preached for 11 years. He has taught classes for Eternity Bible College and taught and preached in various places around the country and the world. Most recently, he served for nearly 4 years as one of the teaching and campus pastors at The Pursuit, in Boise and is currently on the preaching coaching team at Calvary Boise.

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