Digging Deep Into The Word To Help Those Who Are Suffering with Terry Michaels
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Digging Deep Into The Word To Help Those Who Are Suffering with Terry Michaels

Welcome to Episode 276 of The Expositors Collective Podcast, the show that equips, encourages, and empowers preachers and communicators of God's Word. In today's episode, our host Mike sits down with Terry Michaels, a seasoned Radio DJ and passionate student of the Bible. Terry shares insights on effective communication, the value of diligent study, and the art of preaching to those who are suffering. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation filled with practical advice and heartfelt wisdom.

Segment 1: Communication Lessons from a Radio DJ

- Terry Michaels reflects on his time as a Radio DJ and how it shaped his understanding of effective communication.

- The importance of clarity, repetition, and knowing your audience in conveying messages effectively.

- The role of rhetorical skills in communication versus the mastery of the text of Scripture through diligent study.

Segment 2: The Inductive Bible Study Method

- Terry's enthusiasm for the Inductive Bible Study method and its impact on his own study and teaching.

- A brief overview of the Inductive Bible Study method and its benefits in understanding and applying Scripture.

- Terry shares his excitement about covering this module at the upcoming training event hosted by Calvary Austin.

Segment 3: Preaching to Those Who Are Suffering

- Terry opens up about living with chronic pain and offers valuable advice on preaching to congregations dealing with suffering.

- Pitfalls to avoid when addressing suffering and well-intentioned phrases that can unintentionally cause further harm.

- How vulnerability and honesty in the pulpit can carry significant weight and make everyone in the congregation feel valued.

Segment 4: Closing Thoughts and Takeaways

- Terry concludes the interview by emphasizing the importance of listening.

- The significance of listening to others, listening to ourselves, and listening to our spouse.

- A reminder of the power of attentive and empathetic listening in ministry and personal relationships.


Thank you for joining us on Episode 276 of The Expositors Collective Podcast. We hope this insightful conversation with Terry Michaels has provided you with valuable lessons on effective communication, diligent study, and preaching to those who are suffering. Remember to apply these lessons in your own preaching journey and continue to grow as a faithful expositor of God's Word. Stay tuned for more episodes that equip, encourage, and empower you in your preaching ministry.

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