A Conversation with Rebecca McLaughlin
When She LeadsMay 29, 2024x
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A Conversation with Rebecca McLaughlin

In this episode, Brenda has a candid and uncut conversation with author and theologian Rebecca McLaughlin about the compelling goodness of Jesus, local church ministry, work-life balance, and Christ’s heart for the larger Church.

Rebecca is the author of several notable books including Confronting Christianity, 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity, Jesus Through The Eyes of Women and, most recently, Does the Bible Affirm Same-Sex Relationships?

Rebecca holds a Ph.D. in Renaissance Literature from Cambridge University and a theology degree from Oak Hill College in London. She will be joining us for the When She Leads West Coast Conference this October 18 & 19 in Murrieta, CA.

Check out Rebecca McLaughlin's podcast! - "The Confronting Christianity Podcast"

We pray that this conversation encourages you to continue to lead with Christlike humility by the power of the Spirit.




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