Special Announcement!
Pursuing Faith with Dominic DoneFebruary 11, 2022x
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Special Announcement!

In this special episode, Dominic announces the release of his new book, "Your Longing Has a Name: Come Alive to the Story You Were Made For".

How is the health of your soul? Is the deepest part of you flourishing—or is it languishing and gasping for air? Life lately has been filled with exhausting challenges: personal losses, political division, economic turmoil, faith deconstruction, and isolation. And our souls feel it. Yet, in the face of uncertainty, the Bible assures us we can thrive inwardly. Jesus promised his followers the abundant life. But how do we find it? How can we flourish in difficult times? In "Your Longing Has a Name," Dominic Done casts a vision of hope, revealing seven gifts God has provided for the health of the soul.

Books Mentioned in the Episode:
Your Longing Has A Name by Dominic Done


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