506. The Person in Front of You Matters
Lead2ServeApril 09, 2024x
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506. The Person in Front of You Matters

Have you ever had someone talk to you but all the while not give you their full attention, always looking over your shoulder or around the room for someone more important? It's wrong, it hurts, and it shouldn't be done by a servant leader. In today's episode of Lead2Serve, Pastor Ed and Bob discuss the importance of giving your full attention to those in front of you. This is crucial for effective leadership and ministry. It's easy to get distracted or look past someone for more 'important' people, but true service requires focusing on the individual God has in your life at the moment. There is no one more important. Master this and you will be used in greater ways than you have ever seen. Why? Because you're mastering Agape love in caring for people.

This principle extends beyond ministry into your personal life as well; being attentive shows value, whether it’s your spouse or children needing your focus. Remember how Jesus stopped everything when touched by a woman seeking healing - she became his priority among the crowds. To be more usable in God's kingdom means paying attention to each person God places before you as if they were the most important at that moment. Why? Because they are.

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