501. Nurturing Your Soul for Effective Leadership
Lead2ServeMarch 05, 2024x
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501. Nurturing Your Soul for Effective Leadership

Season 5 of Lead2Serve launches right now.

In the season 5 kickoff, Pastors Ed Taylor and Bob Claycamp explore the concept of servant leadership within the church. They emphasize the necessity of spiritual self-care for those in ministry, warning against the dangers of spiritual exhaustion. The discussion underscores the importance of daily practices such as Bible reading and prayer to maintain your spiritual health and to effectively serve others. Pastor Bob shares personal experiences, stressing the need for balance between serving and replenishing one's spiritual energy. The episode concludes with a reminder of the honor of serving others and an encouragement for listeners to engage with the podcast's community.

Key Thoughts: Being filled with the Holy Spirit. Daily Bible reading and prayer. Poured Out. Heart Talks with God.


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