316. SEASON END: Inviting Yourself Into People's Lives
Lead2ServeMarch 14, 2022x
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316. SEASON END: Inviting Yourself Into People's Lives

Season 3 of Lead2Serve followed along topics that are in Pastor Ed's latest book, "Sure and Steady, Learning and Growing in Pastoral Ministry". The book is a collaboration of years of ministry trial and error here at Calvary with wise input from the pastoral team.  This final episode of Season 3 is on the topic of Inviting Yourself in to the Lives of others. Because there is "so much" ministry, often we will pull back and no longer seek to minister to people that are not actively coming to us. Some might call this lazy others may look at it as a response to being tired. Whatever the reason, it's important to return to stepping into others' lives all the time on purpose. Instead of waiting for a hospital visit request, ask the family if you can visit. Instead of waiting for a marital counseling call, ask the couple to meet and talk about their marriage. You get it. Join in and share!

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