Short-Term Missions: Blessing or Burden?
Basecamp: Into The DarkJune 06, 2024
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Short-Term Missions: Blessing or Burden?

In this episode, Mikel and Jeremy discuss the value of short-term mission trips by sharing personal experiences and addressing common criticisms. They emphasize the importance of avoiding a savior complex, supporting career missionaries, developing a global view of the church, and bringing back valuable lessons to apply at home. They also highlight the Engage Network initiative, aiming to better equip and mobilize churches for effective local and international missions. The conversation touches on the need for intentionality and proper goals to ensure that short-term missions are truly impactful.

00:07 Personal Experiences with Short Term Missions

02:28 Criticisms of Short Term Missions

04:01 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Short Term Missions

05:45 Avoiding the Savior Complex

07:40 Cultural Insights and Personal Growth

12:49 Supporting Career Missionaries

17:23 Developing a Global View of the Church

22:46 Sharpening Ministry at Home

28:41 The Engage Network: A New Approach

31:36 Conclusion: Effective Short Term Missions

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