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What Am I Supposed To Do With My Hands?” And Other Lessons That Preachers Can Learn From Toastmasters with Nick Harvey

By August 29, 2023No Comments

Let’s go on a journey that bridges the spiritual and secular realms of communication. Join us for a thoughtful and self-reflective exploration as we think about the true meaning of effective preaching, drawing inspiration from an unexpected source – Toastmasters. In this thought provoking episode, we are joined by Nick Harvey, Young Adult leader at Calvary Chapel Santa Maria, who reveals the treasures of merging Spirit dependent teaching with the art and craft of public speaking.

Prepare to uncover timeless techniques that transcend boundaries, allowing you to captivate hearts and minds. Discover the profound impact of purposeful gestures (what on earth are we supposed to do with our hands, anyway?) the artful elimination of filler words, and the transformative beauty of a well-placed pause.

Beyond the pulpit, our conversation also extends guidance to bivocational ministers, helping make the most of limited hours, and giving time to overlapping realms of responsibility.

Nick Harvey has been a bi-vocational bible teacher and speaker for 25 years. Nick has spent time learning to rely on the Holy Spirit in teaching and not his own ability. He is passionate about teaching the technical side of preaching and speaking to groups, no matter how large or small.

Resources Mentioned:

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