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Women Worth Knowing

Vittoria Colonna & Olympia Morata

By April 11, 2022No Comments

Vittoria Colonna (c.1492-1547) & Olimpia Morata (c.1526-1555): One of the most unlikely homes of Reformation thought and teaching was the Catholic stronghold of Italy–and two of the most unlikely figures of the Italian Reformation were female authors Vittoria Colonna and Olimpia Morata! These women bravely defended the biblical principles of justification by faith and the authority of Scripture at the risk of censure and, particularly in Morata’s case, of their own personal well-being. You will definitely want to hear the stories of these brilliant writers and witnesses for Christ!

  • Women and the Reformation by Kersi Stjerna
  • Women of the Reformation in Germany & Italy by Roland Bainton
  • Reformation Thought: An Anthology of Sources by Margaret King



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