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Vision Casting as a Tool to Serve God’s People with Todd Peebles

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In episode271, you’ll hear why casting vision is a powerful tool that is underutilised by many preachers, and Todd Peebles is going to give you some very practical steps to start. Before that you will hear aboutPraying Over Your Passage

Todd shares his approach to preparing for a sermon, which involves praying over the passage he’ll be teaching on. He explains how this practice helps him to connect with God and gain a deeper understanding of the text, enabling him to communicate its message more effectively.

Planning a Preaching Schedule

Todd shares his process for planning out a preaching schedule months in advance, including how he selects topics and Scripture passages to teach on. He emphasizes the importance of seeking God’s guidance and being open to change as the schedule unfolds.

Casting Vision for the Church

Casting a vision” for a church is the process of defining and communicating a clear and compelling picture of what the church could and should be in the future. It involves sharing a vision of what the church can achieve, what it stands for, and where it is heading. It is a critical process for churches because it helps to provide direction, focus, and motivation for the congregation.

One of the most significant benefits of casting a vision for a church is that it provides a clear sense of direction and purpose. It helps the members of the church understand where they are heading and why they are doing what they do. This clarity can be motivating and inspiring, helping to unite the congregation around a shared vision and a common goal. Todd helps us think through this process together.

Todd was born in Stuttgart Arkansas in January 1970. His parents are Phyllis & Allen Peebles. As a child, he was privileged to be an Army Brat. This meant he got to live in some different places. His family lived in Heidelberg Germany, Clarksville Tennessee, Gauiter Mississippi and Crowville Louisiana.

Todd Graduated from High School in Crowville Louisiana in May of 1988. In 1990, he began to pursue his childhood dream of working in Law Enforcement. He Served the Stuttgart Arkansas Police Department and the Washington County Sheriff’s Department in Greenville Mississippi.

In 1995 Todd answered the call to vocational ministry on his life. He began serving in Youth Ministry. In 1996, Fellowship Baptist Church in Texarkana Arkansas Licensed him to the ministry. In 1998, Todd answered the call to serve His first church as Senior Pastor. In May of 1999, Shady Grove Baptist Church of Sparkman Arkansas ordained him to the Gospel Ministry.

In October of 2004, Todd and Shelly (Pease) Peebles were married. They now have four wonderful children, one boy and three girls. Todd has served as Pastor at churches in Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and now serving as pastor in Kansas.

Todd graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity (MDiv) and a concentration in Expository Preaching in December 2011. Todd is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry also from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Todd is passionate about expository preaching, serving in the local church, and helping others with their calling in ministry as opportunities present themselves.

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