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The Value of Preaching Mentorships – Michael Payne

By December 18, 2020No Comments

Michael Payne is the worship pastor at White Fields Community Church in Longmont Colorado. Michael spent 21 years in Hungary as a missionary, worship pastor, church planter, teaching and discipling worship teams throughout Europe with an emphasis on bringing Christ centered songs into local worship services through the mentoring of local songwriters.

Preaching mentorships are a key component of the Expositors Collective. When it comes to the craft of preaching everyone is called to be both a learner and a teacher. We have plenty to learn in our journey, and there are also newer and younger preachers behind us who could benefit from our coaching and encouragement. This talk from Michael Payne, which was recorded in February in Budapest, Hungary, speaks about the importance of mentorship in the life of both musicians and preachers.


“Mentoring is a relationship between two people in which the person with greater rank, experience and/or expertise teaches, counsels, guides, and helps the other to develop both professional and personally.” (Bustrum, p. 111)

“The professional aspect involves career help and the personal aspect of psychosocial development. Role modeling is a key component of mentoring. (Marrs, p. 3)

“Mentoring is a relational experience through which one person empowers another by sharing God-given resources.” (Stanley and Clinton, p. 12)

“The formal mentoring relationship is an intentional, exclusive, intensive, voluntary relationship between two persons.” (Wright, p. 29).

“Spiritual mentoring is a triadic relationship between mentor, mentoree and the Holy Spirit, where the mentoree can discover, through the already present action of God, intimacy with God, ultimate identity as a child of God and a unique voice for kingdom responsibility.” (Anderson and Reese, p. 12)

“Mentoring is a relational process that facilitates learning and development in our search for meaning and vocation” (Terry Burns).

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