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The True Story of Saint Patrick of Ireland – with Shane Angland, MDiv from Ennis, Ireland

By March 17, 2022No Comments

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day. What is the true story of St. Patrick? Shane Angland (MDiv, Dallas Theological Seminary) joins the podcast today to help us know the difference between what is myth and what is historically true when it comes to St. Patrick.

Did Patrick really drive the snakes out of Ireland? Did he face off with druids? Did he use the shamrock as a teaching tool to explain the Trinity?

Shane explains how we can know the difference between what is true about Patrick and what is fable, and how the true story of Patrick is much better than the legends.

Here is a link to the article Shane wrote, which is mentioned in this episode: St. Patrick, Grey Wolves, and the Cimbid King

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