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Thriving Hope

The Blessings Of Singleness!

By October 20, 2020No Comments

In this episode, we will be talking about the benefits and the blessings of Singleness from a Biblical perspective. For both men and women when it comes to singleness, culturally and socially there is this indoctrination that begins when we are very young that teaches us that singleness is something that we shouldn’t embrace or desire, and that if you’re single that means that you have to get out of being single as soon as possible! Or that you are perhaps unattractive, unsuitable or unworthy of long-term happiness. Which is not true at all. Cultural normalities that are imposed and taught to us when we are young, generate these cultural mores that in most cases lead people to believe that singleness is a curse! And being single is something bad and that if you’re single for a prolonged period of time, somehow that means something is wrong with you or your appearance, and now your capacity to ever be loved by someone is diminished, or even nonexistent. But the Bible tells a much different story about Singleness!
Singleness to the Christian is an enablement to grow a lot as a person and to serve The Lord in a much greater capacity, because you only have to worry about God and yourself. During the years that you’re single as a believer, your priority and pursuit should be Christ and His kingdom above everything else. In your singleness, you will find joy and contentment as you grow in Christ, grow as a person, get rooted in His Word and empowered by His Spirit to do the things that He’s called you to do prior to getting married (if marriage is even a desire for you). Jesus is the greatest Love that life offers! Focusing on Him will empower you to find great joys and satisfaction in your time as a single person. And remember, you’re never alone! As a Child of God, you’re filled with the Spirit of God and you’re always surrounded by love Himself no matter where you are in life.