Better Days

My Story: Leading while Suffering, 02

How do you keep moving forward as a human and leader when you feel weary and numb inside? In this episode, I share my experience of coming to a point of feeling numb inside after years of suffering, and practical lessons I learned along the…
Wesley Towne
March 4, 2020
Better Days

Diane Comer: He Speaks in Silence

All of us experience suffering. Some of us experience long term suffering. What happens when you are a leader experiencing long term suffering that reshapes your life? In this episode, Diane Comer shares her story of life altering suffering and how she found intimacy with…
Wesley Towne
December 25, 2019
ArticlesChristian Living

The Growth I Don’t Approve Of

Nothing feels as good as accomplishment. Whether it’s beating a personal milestone in the gym, performing at a certain level at work or winning your town’s most famous food challenge (2 time Pete and Elda’s Whole Pie Eater Champ, right here), few feelings match up…
Brian Higgins
March 4, 2019
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