Better Days

Xavier Brasseur: Emotional Health + Leading

Emotional health is essential for effective leadership. How do we become emotionally healthy leaders? In this episode, Xavier Brasseur and I talk through our own stories around emotional health, discuss the anatomy of emotions, and give practical steps to becoming emotionally healthy. 
Wesley Towne
December 23, 2019
Better Days

How to Support Suffering Leaders

How can we support leaders when they are suffering? In this episode, I talk about false expectations around leaders who suffer, paint a picture of the pressures they face while suffering, and give twelve ways that you can support a leader who is suffering.
Wesley Towne
December 18, 2019

Worldview Part One: Origins

Evangelism can be scary, mostly because we don't always know where to start. This article introduces a mini-series on worldviews, the ways in which people see life and all that is around them. When we can analyze, articulate, and compare secular worldviews with Scripture, we…
James Travis
May 27, 2019