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Coronavirus and the Christian

Pilgrim Benham: The world is going through a significant trial! As this article is being written, over 130,000 people worldwide have contracted the COVID-19 disease and just under five thousand have died from it. Thankfully, as Christ-followers, the Scripture gives us hope in the midst…
Pilgrim Benham
March 12, 2020
Better Days

Xavier Brasseur: Emotional Health + Leading

Emotional health is essential for effective leadership. How do we become emotionally healthy leaders? In this episode, Xavier Brasseur and I talk through our own stories around emotional health, discuss the anatomy of emotions, and give practical steps to becoming emotionally healthy. 
Wesley Towne
December 23, 2019
Better Days

Shame, Suffering + Leading

Leadership is hard. It comes with unique complexities. Sometimes we forget that we are human as we experience the weight of stress, anxiety, depression, and suffering. In this episode, I discuss the common struggles leaders face around Mental Health + Suffering, and the shame we…
Wesley Towne
November 14, 2019