Aftershow Interview – Christian Traina

Aaron Salvato sits down with Christian Traina to ask him about his life, former atheism, and how to reach people struggling with atheism, depression, and suicidal thoughts. --LINK IN THE BIO!-- In our last episode, Christian shared his story of darkness, depression, and suicide, and…
Aaron Salvato
March 14, 2019

Christian Traina: From Darkness To Light

Pastor Christian Traina tells us his story of darkness, violence, depression, and suicide, and how the love of Jesus broke through in an incredibly unexpected way! Every Christ follower has a testimony. These are their stories. Testimony is a show that brings you stories from…
Aaron Salvato
March 12, 2019
GoodLion Picks

Sermon Series – AMERICAN GODS

What if America isn’t becoming less religious? What if, instead, we are actually turning to different gods? The Bible tells us that everyone is a worshipper. It is not a matter of if we worship, but who or what we worship. Whether the “god” is…
Good Lion Staff
January 18, 2019