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Women Worth Knowing

Join us each week for a lively conversation between author Cheryl Brodersen and history teacher Jasmine Alnutt as they explore the lives of well-known—and not so well-known—Christian women in history. Trust us—these are definitely women worth knowing!
Cheryl Brodersen
July 30, 2020
In No Hurry

Episode 10: Jason Romano

For most people who work in sports journalism, working at ESPN is the dream. And for most people, once they're there, the plan is to be there for their whole career. Jason Romano was no different, until about two years ago he felt God pulling…
Cole Claybourn
April 11, 2020
In No Hurry

Episode 9: Stephen Copeland

Whether this is your first time tuning in or you’re a regular listener, I’m so grateful you are here this week because this conversation is one of the best we’ve had. My guest this week is Stephen Copeland — an author, writer, storyteller, a good…
Cole Claybourn
April 5, 2020
In No Hurry

Episode 8: Clay Hassler

It's so fun when you get to interview friends, and I'm thankful to call Clay Hassler a friend. I've known Clay and his family for pretty much my entire life, and they're some of the most talented people I've ever met, and Clay is certainly…
Cole Claybourn
March 26, 2020
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Never Ending Story

We all have a story... What is yours? God is continuously writing his sovereign story through our lives. In this podcast, we seek to bring on guests to share their story about where God has worked in their life. Talking about something specific and meaningful…
Zachariah Paulsen
March 25, 2020
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