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Better Days

Trailer 05 – The Pain of Racism

Welcome to Better Days, Season 5. Most of us have a personal knowledge of human suffering. We have suffered. Someone close to us has suffered. And we all realize that suffering comes in many forms. Yet, many us have never experienced racism. Racism is a…
Wesley Towne
August 12, 2020

God May Want You To Do Less

What if God's will was for you to NOT do something? For Paul, he seemed pretty happy that God kept him from some ministry opportunities. This article dives into how we can be content in what God has for us, not longing for what He…
Brian Higgins
August 7, 2019

Don’t Stop Celebrating Easter

Yesterday, it was easy to celebrate. The shirts were pastel-colored. Your church staff worked to bring their A-game. There may have even been a visitor-focused area like a photo booth or a coffee giveaway. There were probably traditions with family and friends that you experienced…
Brian Higgins
April 22, 2019