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Women Worth Knowing

Susanna Wesley

By September 21, 2022No Comments

Susanna Wesley (1669-1742): Few people make a name for themselves because of their parenting, yet today we will be talking about a woman who is best known as the “Mother of Methodism:” Susanna Wesley, the mother of the great 18th century evangelists, John and Charles Wesley. A brilliant and godly woman, this mother of sixteen left a powerful legacy through her child-rearing, educational methods, and (most importantly) her deep spirituality. It is easy to recognize that her influence on the lives of her sons, John and Charles, laid the groundwork for the great Methodist Revival that rocked Great Britain and the American Colonies. Susanna Wesley is certainly a testament to the profound influence of motherhood!

  • Women of Awakenings by Louis & Betty Drummond
  • Susanna Wesley: The Mother of John & Charles Wesley by Arnold A. Dallimore
  • Eminent Women Series: Susanna Wesley by Eliza Clarke & John H. Ingram