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Our mission will always be to provide fantastic free content to the body of Christ.
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Goals for GoodLion

Here is what we want to accomplish with this ministry.

Enable Our Directors To Work Full Time

Since Aaron Salvato and Brian Higgins developed and launched the GoodLion website this year, it’s turned into quite the workload between running the website and social media, creating and producing their own PodCasts, building a team of contributors, helping others create podcasts, marketing, and developing new content and shows! We want to enable them to have the time and freedom to put the kind of effort into GoodLion that it needs to grow and make a bigger impact.

The PodClass Initiative

We have created a program to teach Christian Education classes through interactive Podcasts! Aaron Salvato taught the first one (Christians Fighting Sexual Objectification Together)  in his home in Oklahoma with a group of 20-somethings contributing questions and discussion to the lecture. Our vision is to see this ministry grow and many more classes and teachers added!


Help Pastors / Creators develop new Podcasts!

We have recieved many requests from pastors and leaders who want to start their own shows. We want to create programs to help them develop quality content that will impact and reach people for Christ. We also want to seek out talented creatives and help them start podcasts that will be a part of our vision to reach people.

Develope Intern Team

We want to work together with young people from both Oklahoma (where our PodCast director Aaron Salvato is located) and California (where our Editor in Chief Brian Higgins is located). We would love to bring young adults on as interns to have them help with podcasting, editing, journalism, writing, and outreach.

PodCast Studio in downtown Oklahoma City

Currently we are working out of our homes, but we would love to eventually find a small studio in Oklahoma City we could rent and set up recording equipment in. We want it to be a space where we can conduct interviews, record podcasts, and even set up multiple mics to record PodClasses.