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This page allows you, the content creators, to submit podcast episodes to us! Here’s how it works.

  • Step one is, you publish your podcast to whatever platform you’re using (itunes, podbean, anchor, etc.)
  • Then you copy the URL link of that episode and paste it into the url section of the form.
  • Give us your email address so we know it’s you.
  • Give us the title of your episode.
  • Give us any “topic” tags that apply to your show. This is not like social media hashtags, this is topics for our site’s topic system. So make sure your format your tags like this: “The Bible, Ministry, Theology,” and not “#thebible #ministry”
  • Fill out the antispam question.
  • Choose your podcast show from the category list. Leave blank if you don’t have a show on the network yet.
  • Type in a short description of your episode.
  • Upload the episode art for that episode. Leave blank if you don’t have art, and we will help make you some. (Relying on us to create the art will effect the timing of when your episode gets published on our site and social meda, your content will get published faster if you supply your own artwork.”
  • Hit Submit!
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