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Serving Without Sinking – John Hindley

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John Hindley speaks about the importance of preparing the sermon, but just as importantly, preparing the preacher’s heart. He also gives honest, open experiential advice about how to serve Christ and keep our joy in the midst of the challenging and sometimes gruelling ministry of regular preaching and teaching. In other words, how can we “serve without sinking” ?

Also we speak about cricket, hill-walking, and other quintessentially British topics!

Having been raised in a Christian home, John Hindley was saved by Christ as a university student when he was nineteen years old and testifies to the Lord’s continuing and undeservedly kind grace towards him. He and Felicity married in 2002 and the Lord has given them three daughters. John serves as an elder of Broadgrace Church, which also employs him full-time. Broadgrace meets in the village of Coltishall in Norfolk, England.

Resources Mentioned:

Serving without Sinking:

You can really grow:


All of John’s books can be found here:

Preaching and Preachers:

Tim Keller in London on “Preaching to the Heart”

Broadgrace Church :

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