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Sermon Application, Puritans and Walking Worthy – Dustin Benge

By April 13, 2021No Comments

Dr Dustin Benge (Provost, Union School of Theology, Wales) speaks with Mike Neglia about the importance of sermon application. It isn’t enough to just tell the hearers of our sermons what is true, we also need to give examples of how it can be lived out in day-to-day live throughout the week. Additionally they speak about ways that pastors can encourage and mentor the next generation of younger preachers.


Resources mentioned:

Dustin’s podcast “Walking Worthy” :

Sinners in the hand of an angry God sermon by Jonathan Edwards:

Dustin’s book “The American Puritans”

Leuchtturm1917 notebooks:

Follow Dustin on Twitter:@DustinBenge

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