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Women Worth Knowing

Sarah Edwards, Part 2

By July 12, 2022No Comments

Sarah Edwards (1710-1758): Join us today as we continue the story of Sarah Edwards, wife of the great theologian Jonathan Edwards. As the Great Awakening swept through the American Colonies, Jonathan and Sarah found themselves right in the middle of this great move of God’s Spirit. Later, they took a remarkable step of faith to minister to Native Americans on the frontier. Through it all, Sarah’s spirituality and hospitality enhanced the effectiveness of her husband’s ministry, and her parenting made an indelible impact not only on her eleven children, but on American history! Her legacy alone makes Sarah a remarkable woman worth knowing!

  • Marriage to a Difficult Man by Elisabeth Dodds
  • Jonathan and Sarah: An Uncommon Union by Edna Gerstner
  • 25 Surprising Marriages by William J. Petersen

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