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Respect the House – Dan Ewing

By May 19, 2021No Comments

Dan Ewing speaks with his old college buddy and band-mate Mike about Bi-Vocational ministry and guest speaking at different churches across Juneau, Alaska.

They speak about the potentially negative impact that ministry can have on our families, and ways that Dan is combatting this in his current stage of life. Dan is currently a regular guest speaker at a variety of churches, each with their own culture and distinctives and he endeavours to “respect the house” and be sensitive to their unique community as a guest.

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Resources mentioned:

Streetlights Bible App:

Fresh Wind Fresh Fire:

Aaron Campbell’s 90 minute sermon + response time:

Dan’s first sermon “The Character of the Father”

Danspeaking at Calvary Fellowship:

DanSpeaking at JuneauChristian Center:

Dan speaking at Crossroads Fellowship:

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