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Preparing to Preach and Pray – Pat Quinn

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When we pray, God listens.

When we pray from the pulpit, the entire gathered assembly listens as well.

Pat Quinn believes that our public prayers should be thoughtful and instructive, as well as personal and devotional. He speaks with Mike about preparation for praying, as well as preparation for preaching.

Pat’s first sermon was in 1975 on Psalm 145, and the greatness of God. He doesn’t remember much about it but it probably went on pretty long. Pat doesn’t recall if he was asked or volunteered but his first sermon was on a Sunday morning. This was a bit daunting at the time but he thinks it went pretty well. Pat doesn’t remember specific feedback but assumes it was charitable as his congregation is very kind.

Pat also shared some great incites regarding feedback after sermons. Don’t give extended feedback right after the service, but perhaps a brief word of encouragement is helpful. Pat recalls many well meaning, older saints who provided some tips right after a service but they were often a downer. Pat models his critiques after Jesus addressing the churches in Revelation. Start with positive, share concerns or issues, and end with positive.

Music was Pat’s first ministry and another big part of his journey as a minister was as a high school leader for 30 years. This wasn’t exactly a training ground for preaching but helped him hone his skills as a communicator. High schoolers have a great bologna detector and it’s essential to be authentic and honest with them. Pat’s experience as a youth leader shaped his preaching to sound like he’s speaking from the heart rather than reading from his detailed notes.

Pat also shares great insights on preparation with regards to sermon prep and prayer. While there is room for spontaneity, he looks at how an intentional approach can produce prayers and sermons that hold true to the spirit of the Kingdom.

Pat is the Director of Counseling Ministries at University Reformed Church, where he applies his love for the gospel to counseling, training counselors, serving as an elder, consulting, preaching, and occasional worship leading. He has degrees from Michigan State University (BA) and Calvin College (MAT) and received counseling training from the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation.

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