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Preaching the Psalter as a Book – Lindsay Kennedy

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Lindsay Kennedy highlights the unified themes and development of the individual psalms that make up the Psalter and suggests methods of preaching and teaching through the book of Psalms in this conversation with Mike Neglia. In part one of this two-part interview Lindsay builds the case that “The Psalms are a book of the Bible about Jesus”

Lindsay Kennedy is the publicist for Lexham Press (Faithlife) and a student at Western Seminary. In the past he has served various ministry roles as a missionary, pastor, and Bible college teacher. He infrequently blogs


  • 15 Who can ascend?

    • 16 Confidence through death

      • 17 Suffering and trust for life

        • 18 Rescue for the king

          • 19 Delight in the Torah

        • 20-21 Rescue for the king

      • 22 Suffering and trust for life

    • 23 Confidence through death

  • 24 Who can ascend?


I recorded this several years ago but am still pretty happy with it all!

Robertson,The Flow of the Psalms
The best introduction to reading the Psalms as a book. Great place to start.

Rydelnik and Blum (eds.)The Moody Handbook of Messianic Prophecy
The Psalms essays are top-notch and closest to my view from anything I’ve read.

Jim Hamilton’sPsalms Vol 1andVol 2(EBTC, forthcoming)
Though Hamilton is heavy on typology, his is the best commentary that reads the Psalms as a book.

Reardon,Christ in the Psalms
He reads Jesus in every Psalm in the tradition of the Fathers. Quite devotional though and he doesn’t defendhis approach enough to convince the skeptical.

On that note, Irenaeus’On the Apostolic Preaching,Augustine’sPsalmscommentaries, and Athanasius’To Marcellinus on the Interpretation of the Psalmsare all incredible and show that what I’m saying about Jesus in the Psalms is far from new (even if I don’t quite “get” everything they’re seeing!)

Mitchell,The Message of the Psalter
The most impacting book on my interpretation of the Psalms. Incredibly provocative and unique. Dense though.

Bates,The Birth of the Trinity
Prosopological exegesis as practiced by the Fathers was the missing piece for me. Very dense though.

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