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Practical Application Is Far Too Important For You To Leave It Out! – Tony Clark

By February 14, 2023No Comments

In this thoughtful conversation Tony speaks about “the missing ingredient” in many sermons today, practical application to the ordinary lives of the members of our congregations. It isn’t enough to just convey facts that are true and Biblical, and stop short of drawing the connections between the ancient text, and contemporary life.

Tony gives some examples of how to do this, and answers some of my pushback in a real stimulating and friendly way.

We also talk about apologetics, Hebrew Israelites, and the process of being comfortable in our own skin, and the challenges that are involved in finding our own voice through trial, error, and personal growth.

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Come,LordJesusby John Piper. It is no secret that I have a deep appreciation for John Piper and I’m delighted to commend this book to the listeners of this podcast.

“What will the second coming of Christ be like? When will it happen? What signs willcomefirst? In his latest book,Come,LordJesus,JohnPiperexplores the Bible’s answers to these questions but also reminds us of a far greater reality—that those who love and look forward to the second coming will receive a crown of righteousness. Pick up a copy ofCome,LordJesuswherever books are sold or find out how you can get 30% off.”

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