Set your title & Featured Image

  1. Make sure your title is something that will grab attention.
  2. Ignore the large text section. You don’t need to write anything there since our site is going to redirect people to your site or podcast episode page.
  3. All posts on GoodLion must have a feaured image. You can upload them from your computer.
  4. We recommend using and their social media templates to create episode art. Try to make your art consistent for your show and branding.

Excerpts, Tags, Links, and Categories

  1. Write a short description of your episode. This will be used both on our website and social media to give people a preview.
  2. Add any topics that apply to your episode (Example: The Bible, Jesus, Theology). Please don’t add #hashtags. Instagram will do that automatically.
  3. Paste in the link to your podcast episode. Send people to whatever player you want them to see it on, whether it’s on your own website or a 3rd party player. We recommend hosting your podcast on and then using the link to the episode from RadioPublic.
  4. Make sure your post category is right. It should just be the category for whatever the name of your show is.

Publish to GoodLion and Instagram

  1. Scroll up to the top. Hit publish.
  2. Go to the front page of GoodLion to check and make sure your episode posted correctly and is sending people to the right link.
  3. Once confirmed, go back to edit the post.
  4. In the bottom right corner you will see a instagram box.
  5. Check post (not story) and hit share. This will create a post for your episode on the GoodLion instagram.
  6. If you want to promote your episode on our instagram story as well, post on our story and tag, we will then share your post on our story!