Exercise Your Faith

EYFPodcast- Going Fast with God leading the Way. Exercising your faith with future IndyCar winner Sting Ray Robb

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Who amongst us doesn’t wish to be able to mash the gas and go fast? I know that everyone regardless of age and gender would love to behind the wheel and hear those famous words. “Drivers start your engines!” Imagine to that your parents love for cars would be passed on to you not only in the physical but in your namesake as well! Exercise your faith is proud to welcome today the 2020 Indy Pro 2000 champion StingRay Robb to the show. StingRay is as nice as he is bold in that he’s been going fast since he was a toddler. To him, growing in faith means to walk with God. To strengthen his faith Stingray lets God’s WORD do the talking while he trusts and obeys. Traveling at speeds upwards of 200 mph would make most of weak in the knees but to StingRay it’s just another day at the office. EYFPodcast is proud to be on Team StingRay and we encourage all of our listeners to join as well at www.stingrayrobb.com. Buy a T-shirt and send him some encouragement via instagram or twitter. Stingray is a racer but is wide enough to know when to let Jesus take the wheel.

Follow StingRay @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYri8_p9iST9IRRcHtSNgWA



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