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Here we goooooo! The Pilot is here and we are as ready as we will ever be. In this episode, we (Faith Wake & Krista Rull) talk about what The Third Culture Podcast is all about, what even is a Third Culture Kid, and our own TCK stories that have brought us to this point–this point right here with the subpar recording and unlimited artillery of niche boyband and fandom references.

Please note: We recorded this episode towards the end of 2019 before we got really good microphones. Even so, we’re still figuring out this production stuff. Don’t be repelled by the pops and muffles. We hope you stick around for the storytelling, regardless of the sound quality.

We hope you love it. This episode took a lot of panicked planning, should-we-do-it’s and let’s-just-flippin-do-it’s. If you don’t love it, just move on to the next thing. We don’t do well with haterade. It sits funny in our stomachs. Haterade intolerance, amiright?

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